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Tefillin Gassot Ashkenazi Tradition – Ktav Beit Yosef

Tefillin Gassot Ashkenazi Tradition – Ktav Beit Yosef


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Tefillin Gassot- Thick Phylacteries- are made, as the name suggests, using a particularly thick piece of leather. Tons of pressure are applied to the leather repeatedly using industrial presses in order to create the Tefillin. The Tefillin also feature inserts so as to ensure that the Tefillin close flat.

Due to the thick piece of leather used to make them, Tefillin Gassot are particularly durable and expected to last a lifetime. Even in the even of the Tefillin getting seriously damaged they can be repaired due to the quality of the leather used.

The straps of the Tefillin are made using the upper part of the hide- known in Hebrew as Retsu’ot Elyon- and the Batim of the Tefillin are 34-35 mm.

The Tefillin are made in Israel by Pe’er HaSTaM and come with a certificate proving their having been proofread by a computer and their Kashruth level. The Tefillin are also proofread by an expert.


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